After WWII, a young woman named Anni defies her upper-middle class family of bakers by marrying Veikko, a younglumberjack and wounded war veteran. Together, the couple face poverty, illness, a hostile snow-swept environment and Anni’s equally hostile father, in a Finland that has been deeply divided by the war. As they struggle to build a home and a life in the Finnish wilderness, they discover the power of love, community and the land itself to provide the one thing they need the most: hope.

Cast & Crew


Veikko Konsta Laakso
Anni Oona Airola
Hilkka Helmi Linnosmaa
Kalevi Antti Virmavirta

Production Credits

Director Markku Pölönen
Writer Markku Pölönen, Antti Heikkinen
D.O.P. Konsta Sohlberg
Editor Kimmo Taavila
Music Pessi Levanto
Production Company Solar Films Inc.
Producer Rimbo Salomaa, Jukka Helle, Markus Selin