After long online chats on the web with the Taiwanese Businessman, Mr Chang, Miss Kicki decides to travel to Taipei and pay her online paramour a surprise visit. Not willing to travel alone, she invites her 16-year old son Viktor to join her on the trip, on the pretext that they need to get reacquainted after being separated for many years. But when Victor discovers the real purpose of the journey, Kicki has to prove to him (and herself) that she can become the mother he always missed.

Cast & Crew


Kicki Pernilla August
Viktor Ludwig Palmell
Didi Huang He River
Grandmother Britta Andersson
Mr. Chang Eric Tsang

Production Credits

Director Håkon Liu
Writer Alex Haridi
D.O.P. Ari Willey
Editor Fredrik Morheden
Music Fredrik Viklund
Production Company Migma West HB
Producer Lizette Jonjic
Executive Producer Anita Oxburgh, Yeh Jufeng
Production Design Ellen Oseng, Tsai Pei-Ling


The Sign Painter is a tragicomedy about a young Latvian man (ANSIS) with simple dreams: to marry the free-spirited and beautiful daughter (ZISLA) of a local Jewish merchant and to pursue a career as an artist whilst supporting himself as a sign painter. But his dreams are repeatedly swept away in the tumultuous tides of serial totalitarian occupation of his home during the WWII era.

The Accidental Rebel is a tense drama about a young musician who flees the Syrian civil war to attend university in Germany. Soon, though, his idyllic life is shattered by the news that his rebellious older brother has been captured by the army, and he leaves his German best friend and pregnant Icelandic wife to sneak into Syria ‘for a few days’ to try to rescue his brother. But nothing goes according to plan, and the conflict he sought to escape threatens to destroy not only him, but everyone he loves.